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About Us


Lyndaker’s Maple Orchard is nestled on the edge of the Adirondack Park on the Soft Maple Reservoir in Lewis County, New York.  Where we produce some of New York’s Finest Pure Maple Syrup.


Established in 1926 from our Great Grandfather John Lyndaker, we are a 4th generation family operation maple producer. With all three generations working together at one time, they learned an aged old tradition of making maple syrup. Glenn and Nadeen Lyndaker with their three children, took over the operation in 1997. From starting out in 1926 with horse drawn sleighs, using wooden sap buckets to collect sap, to present day collection with a tractor collecting sap with along with an extensive tubing, gravity and vacuum system. We still use some buckets in and around the sugar house.


The sugar house (or boiling shed) has seen many changes, from dirt floor and boiling sap in copper pans to cement floors and stainless steel pans with an air forced wood-fired evaporator. The wooden holding tanks have been replaced with steel also. We have gone from tapping 300 to almost 3000 taps.


Taking pride in making our exceptional tasting maple syrup doesn’t stop there, we take great care of our woods, and have practiced good forestry management for sustainability that helps keeps our sugarbush healthy and productive for the future.

All Natural - No Preservatives

We produce some of New York’s Finest Pure Maple Syrup and Maple Value Added-Products like Maple Cream, Granulated Maple Sugar and Molded Maple Sugar (Sugarcakes).  Our Maple Syrup is offered in all sizes and we ship all over the world.  We are inspected by the Department of Agriculture and Markets for New York State. Please check out our product line.


Our products are all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Allowing you to enjoy this fat free and gluten free product.

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